2007: Earth and Life Sciences MSc Degree, University of Madeira, Portugal (Postgraduated Master) Thesis: Biosystematics of the genus Andryala L. (Madeira and the Canary Islands)
1993: Biology teaching degree, University of Lisbon – Faculty of Science (Madeira) Former licence degree and now under new Bologna reform divided into two parts: 3-year licenciate degree (Bachelor´s) + 2-year Master´s (undergraduated master).
Other qualifications (single subject non-award study)
2010 and 2011 (July, August, Septembre): Phylogenetics (DNA lab techniques and phylogenetic analysis). Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.
2011 and 2006: Electron microscopy – preparation of material for SEM. Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid
2008 (April): Experimental Design & Statistics II: Community Ecology. University of Madeira.
2007 (July): Flora and Vegetation of Madeira.
2004: 1st Workshop “Inspire Science - Developmental Biology”. Gulbenkian Institute of Science
2003 (July): Bryophytes of Madeira.
1993: Scientific Illustration. Portuguese Association of Biologists - Madeira


Grupo de Botânica da Madeira