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Website launched

Our new website has been launched today.

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  Welcome to the Madeira Botanical Group !

We are a group of people that share the same scientific interest on the Madeira flora. Our main objectives are to study the flora under different perspectives and share our results with the general public.

Because it is sometimes difficult to find our works and publications, we decided to make them available. You can have access to some of them through the link to the journal webpage, but you can always ask directly for a pdf. Please use our contacts to do so!

We aim to describe past and present plant diversity in the Madeira archipelago, and also to predict a troublesome future where new invasions (almost 5 taxa become naturalised every year) or the massive expansion of others (such as Acacia mearnsii introduced as a forestry tree) are already terrible threats to native vegetation. Because conservation is one of our concerns we will account for other and possible menaces as the introduction of foreign genotypes from other territories and the genetic shuffle caused by careless reintroductions.

Here you can find a brief description of our projects, but you can always ask for more details and contributions are welcome.

At last but not least, this webpage contains the Checklist of Vascular Plants of the Madeira archipelago. Although largely based on a previous publication by the same authors, amendments and additions make it the most actual checklist of our Flora. You can search the database by different fields or obtain a pdf. And, of course, we will be pleased to receive your comments.


PhD Miguel Menezes de Sequeira


Grupo de Botânica da Madeira


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Madeira archipelago

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